A couple of years ago, several friends ‘happened’ to email me telling me that I needed to write a book. Others had told me that before but after receiving the third admonition within a two-day period, I began to think, “GOD, is this YOU telling me to do this?” I certainly didn’t want to take on this task of my own volition. And then another one came. By that time I was convinced that it was something that God wanted me to do and I began the journey of writing about my life.

          Why or what purpose would there be for me to write the book, Our God Still Speaks? I’ve only one! I wanted to give GOD the glory due Him for being such a faithful God to me throughout my life. My prayer is that you too, will see God differently, more personal or intimate in your life. He’s an awesome God and His desire is that we know Him and make Him known to all those people living among us. God still speaks but we are not listening or in tune to hearing His voice. I hope that after reading the book and using the study guide, you will have a better understanding of how and when God is speaking to you.

Why I wrote the study guide:

          After I wrote Our God Still Speaks, and when I began to have book signings, I met and talked with many people. Their comment to me was, “You need to write a study guide to go with the book.” By that time though, my hopes were to disenfranchise myself from the computer (except to continue talking with friends all over the world). I simply wanted to return to being a wife, a busy mom and an artist.

          But once again, God impressed me to write the guide and I began to write about how to get “plugged into” God, recognize Him in one’s life and how to live for Him. However, in order to write the study guide, I felt the need to explain clearly some things about GOD that you may or may not know. There is a list that goes along with the “guide.” I’ve listed some of the Characteristics or Attributes of God that hopefully, will enhance your understanding of Him. I am suggesting that you print out this sheet of information, and use it with every lesson. I think it will be helpful for you to see and identify which attribute or characteristic of God we are discussing in each lesson.

          I have a suggestion though, read the book first. Otherwise you won’t understand the reasons why I’m asking you to do certain things. If you don’t have a copy of my book as yet, there is a button to click on where you can purchase one either by PayPal or credit card. But you will need the book to do the study.

          Now, let’s get started and learn how to identify God’s busy-ness in our lives.

A thousand blessings, Virginia Stewart Metzler

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