Yes, I created an internet study guide that goes with my book, Our God Still Speaks. If you don’t have the book yet, you can get a copy by clicking on Buy the Book and pay with PayPal or use your credit card to order one. But you will need a copy of the book in order to work with me and complete the study. Along with the book, you will also need: a pen, a printed-out copy of “Recognizing the Character of God,” a spiral notebook AND your Bible.

          This study is not intended to be a race to see how quickly you can finish it. Work at your own pace. Learning to “pace yourself” to fit your needs is another good thing about our study. But do try to complete a chapter within a couple of days. That will help you to stay focused on what you are learning in the study. Also, it will make it easier for you as you begin to establish a time with God. The lessons, thoughts and ideas in this study are about YOU and where you are in your relationship with God. And one idea or concept tends to build upon the next one.

          Before you begin each study time, pause and ask God to give you His thoughts and ideas for YOU. Be regular and diligent in your study. If you like, ask a friend to study with you; maybe not physically sitting beside you but studying the same material at the same time. Remind your friend that the study is just a “click” away on the computer. AND it would be good if you could meet that friend one time each week to discuss a couple of the questions from the study. Meeting together keeps both of you accountable in faithfulness to complete the study. In today’s world, most people do NOT like to write. But this study guide has been written to allow you time to think, write and consider how you see our God at work in your own life. Don’t miss Him; He is there with you working and He is waiting for you to seek Him and His heart for your life.

Click here to go directly to the page to buy Our God still SPEAKS.  You will be directed immediately after you purchase the book to the page that allows you to download and print my Internet Bible Study!


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