Virgina MetzlerVirginia Stewart Metzler is the well-known author of the wonderful book, Our God still SPEAKS.  This website will give you an insight into Virginia (Ginger), her many talents, as well as her unshakeable faith in God. You will be able to purchase her book on the website directly and securely with PayPal, or your credit card, and read some of the great comments that have been emailed to her.  This will give her an opportunity to personally autograph your copy, and direct you to the page to download your personal copy of her complimentary Internet Bible Study with your purchase. 

An Excerpt from my Book:


     There are several things that a person would need to know if he/she intended to live in a nipa hut. To me the first and most important one becomes apparent after dark. A person would need to know that lighting a lantern inside the hut allows anyone outside to see through the bamboo walls; they become virtually transparent. I was reminded of an old movie I saw starring Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. The movie was called, Mogambo. One particular scene shows Ava Gardner going into her tent where she begins to undress. At that point, only ONE thing kept that movie from being "R-rated." Just as she was about to undress, a lion strolled through her tent; she froze as she watched in mortal fear! For some reason, that scene has been burned into my mind forever. Maybe it's because I had lived in Africa and I already knew that living in the jungle presented problems of its own; things just don't "STAY PUT "at night!
 From the chapter, "Three Words You Never Want To Hear"

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